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We are your local repair company. We offer a professional, friendly service and cover:
Yeovil, Ilchester, Sparkford, Martock, Ilminster, Wincanton, Castle Cary, Somerton, Street, Glastonbury, Wells, Shepton Mallet. Langport, Crewkerne, Chard, Sherborne, Milborne Port, Henstridge and all the surrounding areas.

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There is a high possibility that your existing window and door frames are perfectly capable of performing effectively for many years to come if the hardware is kept in good condition. You will avoid all the mess that can be involved when replacing window and door frames.

Repairs to windows and doors can take a short time to complete as opposed to days in the case of full replacement. Huge savings can be made by repairing or upgrading your existing windows and doors rather than choosing to replace them.
Savings can also be made on energy bills just by making sure that your existing windows and doors are performing efficiently.

After more than 30 years in the window industry we have gained vast experience and knowledge of the domestic and commercial window systems presently installed in homes in this area and across the UK.

Most of the problems that we are frequently asked to take care of are caused by general wear and tear to the hardware that is fitted to the main structural sections of the windows or doors or a failure of the glazing units (glass).

COST OF REPAIRS? It is impossible to give an accurate cost to repair a particular window or door without having a look to see what the problem is. For example, sometimes it is possible to supply and fit just the centre lock section of a locking mechanism when on others a full length lock may have to be fitted. Generally speaking though it is likely that a repair can be carried out at a fraction of the price of a replacement window or door and if you ask us we will be happy to give you a quote.


The good news is almost certainly YES. Because the main components of your windows and doors (the outer frame structural sections and the opening casement structural sections) are made of PVCu or aluminium they will not deteriorate and therefore they will not need to be replaced.

In the majority of cases we will assess what needs to be done to get your windows and doors working correctly again and leave you with a written quotation so that you can decide if you wish to proceed with the repairs. However if we find that the main frame sections of your existing window or door are damaged and we feel that you would be wasting your hard earned money on a repair, we will tell you!

It will cost you nothing to find out how much a repair will cost!

We do not sell replacement windows or doors but if we feel that you would be wasting your money on a repair we will advise you to obtain a quote for a replacement so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed


This is the term used to describe the parts of the window that hold the main structural sections together and make it work correctly. These are the parts that can wear over time and fail, causing problems such as:

HANDLES are broken and won’t allow the window or door to be locked or unlocked easily and a possible cause of security risk.

LOCKING STRIPS containing the main lock is jammed in the open or closed position stopping the window or door from being opened or closed properly and a possible cause of security risk.

HINGES are worn or broken allowing only partial closure of the window or door leading to draughts entering around the side of the frames and a possible cause of security risk.

these can shrink back in length or even deteriorate over time allowing draughts to enter, encourage condensation and in rare cases, cause a security risk if they are missing.

CLOUDY, MISTY GLASS: Two panes of glass are bonded together to create a DOUBLE GLAZED unit. Over time the seal between the two panes of glass can fail and this will lead to water being drawn into the space between them causing CONDENSATION. SEALED UNITS can be replaced quite easily and quickly.

ADJUSTMENTS.Sometimes it is possible to make your windows and doors work like they did when they were new again by simply using a drop or two of the correct lubrication and some minor adjustments or re packing of the glass.

PATIO DOOR ROLLERS These are sets of wheels located in the bottom of the sliding door frame. Replacement of these can make a patio door that has been very difficult to slide open and closed operate as well as it did when it was new.

Just some of the repairs we carry out on a regular basis:

Replacement of:

  • misty, cloudy glass units in windows, doors and conservatories
  • broken window door handles, locks or hinges
  • damaged window or door gaskets and weather seals.
  • Patio door rollers or locks
  • broken letterboxes and cat flaps
  • PVCu and glass panels in doors and side panels
  • Velux roof light glazing units
  • All of these repairs and many more can be made to your existing windows and doors to make them work like new again.

    Measuring up

    Window and door repair, Castle Cary

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    New lock

    Window and door repair, Wincanton

    Replacement of lock and handle.

    Before and Afters


    Window and door repair, Sherborne


    Window and door repair, Glastonbury


    Window and door repair, Langport


    Window and door repair, yeovil


    Window and door repair, Street


    Window and door repair, Somerton


    In response to customer enquiries we now offer a traditional glazing service which includes:

    • Replacement glass and sealed units into wooden framed windows, doors and conservatories.
    • Putty glazing or hardwood beads supplied and fitted into timber frames
    • Putty glazing into metal frames
    • Glass and sealed units into cast stone or stone mullion frames
    • Shaped glass and sealed units, arched tops and angled - in fact, any shape!
    • Traditional multi coloured segment leaded glass.
    Our glazier Paul has many years of experience and expertise in all of the areas above and will be only too pleased to come and give you a free quotation for your requirements.

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      Repair not replace!
    • Misted Glass Repair
    • Broken Glass Replacement
    • Broken & Damaged Fixings (Locks, Catches, Hinges )
    • Window / Door Servicing
    • Lock Replacement & Upgrade
    • Patio door rollers & locks
    We cover South Somerset
    (Based in Yeovil, Somerset)
    The Window and Door Repair Company
    Yeovil, Somerset
    Head Office: 01935 478 888